No need to traipse over town – we do the lot

Taking care of you, our customer, means taking care of your vehicle’s every service requirement – from tyres to electrical repairs. We can even organise panel and paint to be expertly carried out.

Warrant of Fitness – with a smile

Take 45 minutes to one hour, relax on the sofa with a coffee and before you know it your vehicle has been checked for it’s Warrant of Fitness.


Our customers expect the best – and that’s what Takanini Ssangyong is all about. Not only do we get the basics right we can arrange and fit all the bells and whistles for you.


  • Loan vehicles available
  • You can expect the work to be completed on time
  • We only do what we’ve quoted – that is, what the customer confirmed
  • Your vehicle is washed before you collect it
  • We can complete small jobs while you wait


Please view the attached document that outlines the advantages of servicing with us - SERVICE DOCUMENT

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This is a question we’re often asked when a customer has an existing relationship with a trusted garage and/or has a perception that dealership servicing is more expensive. Let’s take a look at the differences:

  1. Labour Rate

A lower labour rate can mean a lower price but it doesn’t necessarily mean the best value service. Dealership workshops are held to extremely high standards when it comes to efficiency and quality of work and are prepared to pay for top notch tools & equipment, quality people and their expertise. This means that our customers have their vehicles serviced quickly, efficiently and expertly and are back on the road faster with confidence that the job has been done well 

  1. Familiarity

Dealership technicians know the brands they work on. They are regularly trained by the manufacturer/distributor on all the brand’s vehicles and are kept up to date with the very latest information on the vehicles. They are the technical experts on your vehicle and provide vehicle-specific servicing and attention rather than just a generic oil change and checkover. This means the total labour cost is often lower because they are more efficient during the service by being well aware of what needs to be done to the vehicle without spending unnecessary time finding out required info about the vehicle. Ask about the specific training that the person about to work on your car has had about your particular vehicle and you’ll find a dealership technician will tell you far more than a non-franchise mechanic will.

If you do service at an off-brand garage, it is a good idea to forward your invoice to a franchise so they can advise if there are other service items that may have been missed. (Of course, you’ll then need to rebook and take more time dropping the vehicle back for a second time while being charged extra for work that a franchise would have done on the first visit.)

  1. Parts

Dealerships keep fast moving service items on site and often the parts required for your vehicle have been picked and allocated well before your car even arrives for service! There are no extra freight charges or delays in waiting for parts to be delivered. Dealerships use genuine parts that are specifically designed for the vehicle which provide better performance and reliability than cheaper generic substitutes. Non-franchise workshops often need to buy in vehicle-specific items from franchise dealers, wait for them to be delivered and then on-charge freight and a margin on to you.

  1. Technology

Features in late model vehicles are driven by some amazing technology which, like other devices, is upgraded at times by the manufacturer with new features, enhancements and updates. These are provided by the manufacturer to dealership workshops only as dealerships invest in manufacturer-specific tools and computers required to communicate with the vehicle. This means you get to enjoy the most up-to-date version of your vehicle possible without having to buy a new one! 

There can also be service actions required from time to time that keep the vehicle safe as it gets older that are usually only provided to dealership technicians. These are preventative actions or modifications that the manufacturer advises should be carried out to make the vehicle more reliable and last longer. As the manufacturer often pays the dealerships for these actions to be done, these are usually completed as part of the service at no cost to you.

  1. Facilities and Loan Vehicles

We have great customer lounges available for you to relax in and enjoy TV, magazines and an espresso coffee or a selection of other drinks while your vehicle is serviced. If you still need to work we have work stations and complementary wi-fi available. Modern, clean loan vehicles are available free of charge to keep you moving if needed, your Service Advisor will ask if these are required at time of booking. We also have a pick up and drop off service available if you prefer to save you the travel time.

With all of these benefits, we’d love to look after your vehicle for servicing - You’ll also get to see our smiling faces again! If you have any questions about your particular vehicle our service team can be reached at 09 295 1660 or for information and bookings.

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